Combining her love for Design and Yoga, Shivani Nirula founded ‘ESKA’ in June 2014. A graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology New Delhi and a keen Yoga practitioner, Shivani recognized the need for skin-friendly Yoga & Active wear and created a collection of high-energy designs in natural fabric and spandex blends. This combination caught on instantly, and Eska now enjoys a wide patronage, including many of the country’s top Yoga and Fitness experts.

 Eska Apparel has been designed to compliment every form of your workout experience, be it Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Gymming or any active sport. The fabric is an exclusively produced blend of fine cotton and spandex. This ensures a high performance fabric with an optimum amount of stretch and functionality, while still giving the softest feel of cotton to your skin. Eska Apparel incorporates unique design elements to help your movement while you are working out. Eska’s Yoga Pants feature Rollover waistbands, which give you complete ease for stretching. Eska uses dry-fit paneling, body contouring fabric, and energetic bright prints to increase your performance during your work out.

 ESKA’s media coverage includes Women’s Health, ELLE, AsiaSpa, The Pioneer, Prevention, Abraxas, and Little Black Book Delhi. Eska has collaborated with the country's top Yoga gurus for Pop Up events, including Mini Shastri, Seema Sondhi, Bharat Thakur and more. It continues its aim to encourage and inspire the movement of well being and fitness.

Shivani Nirula Eska Founder