Eska: When Life Gives You Yoga by Saanya Gulati

February 02, 2016

Author: Saanya Gulati

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About the Author: Saanya is a writer on contemporary culture, politics, travel and lifestyle. She blogs at, and is currently completing her Masters at the LSE. She has been practicing yoga for the last 5 years and aspires to teach it some day.

While I’ve experimented with different workouts over the last few years, yoga has remained the most consistent form of exercise. As you can imagine, yoga-wear has become equally important as a result.

For the longest time, I have been relying on generous relatives to bring me yoga pants from Victoria Secret. That is, until one day my neighbor and yoga-classmate Shivani Nirula asked me where I bought my yoga pants from. Seeing my confused expression, she told me that she was starting her own line of yoga wear.

Featuring ESKA’s designs on my blog is a special opportunity, since I feel like I have been a part of its genesis. Being privy to one of the first sample yoga pants, I have been a proud owner of ESKA-apparel for almost a year. With just two collections, they have been a raging hit in my own yoga class. Gone are the days of track pants, or converting old leggings into yoga wear, because ESKA has upped the ante when it comes to a stylish work out.


ESKA’s products are designed and made in India, and many of them are made from organic cotton. The fabrics are  comfortable and eco-friendly.

The ‘rollover waistband pants’ feature in both collections. The latest collection uses bright geometrical patterns, like this one:


The elastic band not only looks pretty but also enhances my workout experience. It is adjustable, which gives me the flexibility of keeping them high or low wasted. The fabric is also soft on my skin, so I don’t find it leaving marks after an intense work out, a common problem with traditional elastic bands.

 The blend of pure cotton and lycra allows you to move easily – tried out a couple of stretches in case you don’t believe me!


The ‘cross-back tank-top’ I am featuring here is also part of ESKA’s latest collection and a delight to work out in.

At first, I was hesitant about the in-built sports bra, since these can be both uncomfortable and ineffective. But the fabric and fit do not disappoint – in fact this top has become such an inevitable part of my workout that I am waiting for (and have personally requested) Shivani to bring these out in different colours! Here’s a closer look:

I find it admirable that ESKA’s products are manufactured in a fair trade facility using low impact azo-free dyes. It’s a design label that truly represents eco-fashion. The new collection also diversifies into some edgy lounge and active-wear. (I already have my eyes on the lounge-wrap). As I expand my own collection of ESKA apparel, I will be doing another feature in their designs along with some essential yoga postures for a holistic work-out. For now, here’s a sneak peek of my all-time favourite tree-pose under a tree. Stay tuned!

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